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[Icons] 19 Naruto & SC --- Feel that jive!

Firstly, LOL @ #12.

Secondly, Happy Halloween all! To celebrate, I give you candy in the form of crappy icons.
[3] Iruka♥
[3] Shikamaru
[2] Yondaime-or-however-the-hell-it's-spelt
[2] Hinata
[4] Neji (1 of which is pure crack)
[5] Samurai Champloo (mostly Jin.)
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I do believe I'm way to obsessed with Naruto for my own good.

I have decided that if I were to RP an OC Naruto shinobi, she would be personified by Otsuka Ai.

This has been your dose of Elle icon crack, see you all on Friday for a real update. If I do update on friday. Though I usually do.
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[Icons] - 21 Naruto

Urg, recent happenings which will be discussed in a later entry are really getting under my skin these days. Been wasting my days away reading Naruto on the internet. Loving it.


[2] Haku
[1] Sasuke
[2] SasuNaru
[1] Zabuya
[1] ZabuHaku
[1] Kakashi
[3] Neji
[2] Naruto
[4] Itachi/Itachi's sexy lips
[4] Iruka

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Itachi's lips own me. Iruka, Kakashi and the rest o' them own my loins. ^__^
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